About Cryptocurrency FX trading

What makes Crypto-currency unique is the recent high demand and exposure around the world, profiled as 'the new form of investment'.
Crypto-currency will continue to be the future, and it will just get bigger and more mainstream in time to come.
Bigboss strives to provide the best trading environment for all types of trader. In order to cater to Forex and Crypto traders, we have released Crypto ECN account, a hybrid account where trading on both Crypto and Forex at on the same account is possible.

Crypto ECN Account Overview

Leverage Crypto-currency 5:1, Forex 25:1
Commission 1 Lot one-way 0.2% (0.4% per turn), Forex $5 per 100,000 unit (About $10 per turn)
Negative Balance Protection Not Available
Trading Platform MetaTrader 4, Web MT4

Crypto ECN accounts allow traders to place direct order with our liquidity providers or the interbank market, resulting in much more speedy execution. On crypto-trading, you are trading on the price fluctuation of the currency, instead of physically purchasing it.
With leverage on crypto FX, you may also make a sell order on a crypto to make real money profits. There are also no virtual wallet hacking or theft risks involved. Similar to our Standard trading account, Crypto ECN operates on the top notched platform Metatrader 4. And of course, Bigboss' very own Quick Account open function is also applicable on Crypto ECN for new customers.
Get ready to indulge yourself in the worldwide trade market with Bigboss' all new released Crypto ECN account!

Bigboss Trading account Comparison Chart

Standard Account Crypto ECN Account
Account Currency Type USD, JPY USD, JPY
Account Trade Model NDD STP NDD ECN
Trade Pairs Forex Major,Forex Minor,CFD BTCUSD,ETHUSD,XRPUSD,
Leverage Maximum 555:1 Crypto-currency: 5:1
Forex: 25:1
Trade Units Forex
  • 1Lot = 100,000 currency unit

  • CFD
  • XAUUSD: 1Lot =100 unit
  • XAGUSD: 1Lot = 5,000 unit
  • N225: 1Lot = 1,000 unit
  • NDX: 1Lot = 100 unit
  • SPX: 1Lot = 250 unit
  • UK100, WS30: 1Lot = 10 unit
  • UKBrent, USCrude:1Lot = 1,000 unit
  • Crypto-Currency
  • BTCUSD 1Lot = 1BTC
  • ETHUSD 1Lot = 10ETH
  • XRPUSD 1Lot = 10,000XRP
  • EOSUSD 1Lot = 1,000EOS
  • LTCUSD 1Lot = 100LTC
  • NEOUSD 1Lot = 100NEO

  • Forex
  • 1Lot = 100,000 currency unit
  • Minimum order size 0.01 Lot 0.01 Lot
    Minimum Deposit No Minimum No Minimum
    Commission No Commission 1 Lot one-way 0.2% (0.4% per turn)
    Forex $5 per 100,000 unit (About $10 per turn)
    Margin Call Margin Level 50% Margin Level 300%
    Stop out Margin Level 20% Margin Level 200%
    Negative Balance Protection Protected Not Available
    Platform MetaTrader 4, Web MT4 MetaTrader 4, Web MT4
    Trade hours  ・Summer: (Sun) 9:05pm ~ (Fri) 8:50pm (Greenwich Mean Time)
     ・Winter: (Sun) 10:05pm ~ (Fri) 9:50pm (Greenwich Mean Time)