Celebration of Pro Spread Account Celebration of Pro Spread Account

Limited Time Offer : 2018.12.5 WED. - 12.31 MON.

Step No.1

Maximum of the deposit bonus is $5,000.00

We will send you a bonus (maximum of $5,000.00) during the campaign (the bonus fund depends on your deposit amount), so that you can enjoy and focus on your trading.

Step No.2

Trading Bonus

For customers’ trading enjoyment,(based on trading results), we will send you a bonus of $4.00 for 1 lot of trading.

Your dream’s realized
"Pro Spread" - an ultrathin spread account

1.Ultrathin spread is achieved by addition of liquidity providers
In collaboration with multiple liquidity providers, ultrathin spread can then be achieved by harvesting superior liquidity.
2.To be located in multinational company EQUINIX.
By reducing latency, we provide a high level of trading industry to customers.
3.Accomplishing High Speed Execution by server reinforcement
Server and network are reinforced to strengthen clients’ speed and accuracy of executions.
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Big Boss,
which is supported by many customers,
and continues to expand

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1.We have the attentive Japanese customer support team than anywhere.
They has strengthened internal collaborative system and has prepared a system that can respond to any questions to customers in Japanese.
2.Rapid and accurate deposit/withdraw system
Via Japan’s financial institution, we have set up a rapid deposit and withdraw system, and settled Japanese staffs for an accurate check.
3.Top service development
Like Bit coin FX, Big Boss introduces attractive products to investors quickly.
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【 Campaign Terms and Conditions 】

☆About Bonus
Bonuses are rebated as credits and can only be used for trading.
The Bonus Programme is for Standard and Pro-spread Accounts only.
※The Bonus Programme is not applicable for Crypto ECN and FOCREX Accounts.
It takes 1 business day for deposit bonus to reflect on your account after paying in.
Reflection will not occur simultaneously with the deposits.

☆Deposit Bonus Details
・Maximum $5000 bonus is available for Standard and Pro-spread Accounts
※Cashback typed account not applicable for deposit bonus

Deposit Bonus Table

Deposit Example Bonus Percentage Total Bonus received
100% 30% 20%
$400 $400 $0 $0 $400
$1000 $1000 $0 $0 $1000
↑↑ Up to $1000 accumulated deposit 100%
$1500 $1000 $500 $0 $1150
$3000 $1000 $2000 $0 $1600
↑↑ From $1000 to $3000 accumulated deposit 30%
$10000 $1000 $2000 $7000 $3000
$15000 $1000 $2000 $12000 $4000
$20000 $1000 $2000 $17000 $5000
↑↑ From $3000 to $20000 accumulated deposit 20%
$45000 $1000 $2000 $17000 $5000

Eg. 1) $5,000.00 single deposit
Based on the table, you would be entitled to $1000 bonus from the first $1000 deposit, whereas 30% bonus from the following $1001-3000, total $600. The remaining $2000 deposits are entitled to 20% bonus totalling to $400, which adds up to your total bonus $2000.
Eg. 2) Based on the above example, an additional $10000 deposit was made
An additional $2000 bonus would be provided based on the 20% bonus within $3001-20000 range.
Eg. 3) Based on the above two examples, a third deposit of $10000 was made
The remaining $5000 allowance for 20% bonus would be entitled, an additional $1000 bonus provided. Remaining deposits would not be entitled to further bonuses.
Eg. 4) ¥240,000 Deposit(Rate would be based on the market rate at the moment of deposit. For convenience, this example is based on 1USD=120JPY)
For this example,¥240,000=$2,000, the first $1,000 would be entitled to 100% bonus of $1,000(¥120,000), remaining $1000.00 would be rebated 30% based on $1001-$2,000 rule, equals to $300.00(¥36,000), total bonus $1300.00(¥156,000).

☆Trading Bonus Terms and Condition
・$4 bonus per 1 lot traded per account
・Only Applicable for Standard and Pro-spread Account holders
・The past week's excess trade volume (below one lot) will be carried forward to the following Monday
・For example, if 1.5 lot was traded this week, after bonus deduction the remaining 0.5 lot will be brought forward to the next week. If another 0.5lot was traded that week, a total of 1 lot bonus would be received.
・There are no limit to bonus entitlement for trade bonus
※Trade bonus is only applicable to Forex trades. All CFD trade pairs (Including BTCUSD) are not applicable.

※Forfeit of Bonus
・Please note that during campaign period, all bonus would be forfeited if fund withdrawal was made. Forfeited bonuses would not return to your account even if you deposit again after withdrawal. No further bonuses would be awarded to the account.
・Bonuses would also be forfeited from origin account if any fund transfer are made during campaign period.
・All bonus on your account would be forfeited during campaign period should our system detects any illegal transaction.
※About negative balance and credit offsetting
If such conditions are met:
・Negative balance on the account
・Credit available in account
・Account has no particular problem with trading
Should there be a case where account balance becomes negative, we will offset from account credit to maintain a zero balance.
If the negative balance is greater than the credit amount, we will cut loss to zero.

【Risk Warning】

Forex and CFD trading involves significant risk to your invested capital. Before you start trading, please read and fully understand the risk involved through our Financial Service Guide (FSG). You may download a copy of the Financial Service Guide from the Bigboss Homepage. Bigboss Holdings Company Limited is a regulated company registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, registration no.: 23356 IBC 2016. Bigboss does not provide services for residents of certain regions, such as the United States of America and Islamic Countries. Also, due to IBC regulations, we also do not provide services to residents of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.


Bigboss does not get involved in customers trade specifics, and we are not responsible for any special, indirect, accidental or consequential loss, resulting in a loss of funds arising from the information on this website.