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Welcome to BigBoss

To provide high quality and reliable service to our customers, we keep on challenging, innovating, and improving ourselves.
So, how about trading with us?

Spread Advantage

Narrow and highly competitive.


Any changes in your account is shown immediately.

Maximum leverage 1111:1

Free trade with no margin call.

BigBoss’s affiliate system

We introduce you to trustworthy affiliates and value partnerships.


Dear Customers

Thank you for trading with BigBoss. 

From February 21, 2023 (Tuesday), there would be changes in the leverage rules. Please check the details as follow: 

ーDetails of New Leverage Rulesー

Under the current rules, the leverage is adjusted on an account-by-account basis,
if you have multiple accounts. But hereafter, the leverage would be adjusted based on a per-account basis (all accounts held).

【Date of change】
February 20, 2023 (Monday) 22:05 (GMT+0)

【Leverage Setting】
Leverage will vary in proportion to the total balance of all account holdings.
All balances will be converted into dollars.
※The rate at the start of the leverage update process will be used for conversion.

Account Balance / Leverage
$0~$19,999 / 1111:1
$20,000~$49,999 / 555:1
$50,000~$99,999 / 200:1
$100,000 and above / 100:1

*Forex Exotic, CFD Index, CFD Energy are fixed at 100x leverage (N225_JPY: fixed at 200x leverage)
*Crypto CFD is fixed at 50x leverage

>Under the Current Rules
Account A  JPY  Standard               ¥1,000,000            ¥1,000,000         1111:1→No change
Account B  USD  ProSpread           $5,000.00              $5,000.00           1111:1→No change
Account C  JPY  MASS Standard       ¥0                  ¥4,000,000           1111:1→555:1
Account D  USD  MASS Standard 3tier  $500.00                 $10,000.00           1111:1→No change

>Under the New Rules (1 USD = 130 JPY)
Account A  JPY  Standard              ¥1,000,000             ¥1,000,000         1111:1→200:1
Account B  USD   ProSpread            $5,000.00              $5,000.00            1111:1→200:1
Account C  JPY  MASS Standard      ¥0                  ¥4,000,000             1111:1→200:1
Account D  USD  MASS Standard 3tier   $500.00                  $10,000.00             1111:1→200:1
                                              $53,461.54    ←Sum of balances of the target account at USD
                                                                       Leverage changes depending on the sum of balances here

【Leverage Update Time】
The leverage is updated once a day and updated according to the account balance 10 minutes after the market close time.
*Market close time is 21:00 (Summer Time) or 22:00 (Winter Time) (both GMT +0).

【Target Account Types】
Standard accounts, Pro Spread accounts, MASS standard accounts.
*CRYPTOS accounts are not included

【Target Servers】
MT4 LIVE#2~#5 / MT5 LIVE#1
*The DEMO server will continue to determine leverage on an account-by-account basis.

In addition, the leverage change rule is also applied to existing accounts.
In the case of new/additional account opening, leverage is not adjusted immediately after opening,
but changes according to the sum of balances from the next business day.

BigBoss will continue to strive for advancement and provide a highly fair trading environment for all our customers. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support. 

Thank you for your support. 
The trading time for the below products will change during the subject event. 
(The following times are GMT 0)

[CFD Indices]

19th Jan: 23:00 Thu - 19:00 Fri
23th Jan: *Closed
24th Jan: *Closed
25th Jan: *Closed
26th Jan: 01:15 - 22:00
Dear Customers
Thank you for trading with BigBoss. 

There will be an emergency maintenance for BigBoss’s official trading app “BigBoss QuickOrder (BBQ)” today. 
【Maintenance Time】
18th January, Wednesday 08:00-08:30 (GMT +0) 
※End time may vary depending on the maintenance progress. 
【Maintenance Detail】
System upgrade for heavy load
【Maintenance Target】
BigBoss’s official trading app “BigBoss QuickOrder (BBQ)” 
※MT4/MT5 apps for PC and smartphones, and MT4/MT5 WebTraders are not subject to the maintenance. 

During the maintenance period, you will not be able to log in, trade or receive rates on the BBQ app. Also, for those who are logging into the BBQ app before the maintenance, the app will be automatically logged out . If you need to operate transactions, please use the PC version or Web Trader of MT5. 
In addition,if you have not saved the login information, you will need to re-enter it after the maintenance. 

In order to provide a safe and enjoyable trading experience for all BigBoss users, we continue to strive for better operations and improvement of our services .

We apologize for the inconvenience caused by the maintenance. 
Your kind understanding is much appreciated. 
If you have any inquiries, please contact our Customer Support Team.
Thank you for your support. 
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Company Overview

BigBoss aims to provide high quality service, and customers’ best interest is always laid at the first place.

We provide several deposit and withdrawal methods, various financial products, professional engineer team, worldwide NO.1 customer support team.

We highly appreciate your advice and suggestions, and will consistently improve our service to be the worldwide top broker.

Quick Deposit and Withdrawal

Several deposit and withdrawal methods are provided to make sure your money transfers smoothly, so that you will not miss any trading chance.

We provide our customer the perfect and secure trading environment to focus better.

Various Financial Products

Over 80 financial products are provided, and all the rates are directly collected from the interbank market.

Besides Forex, by contracting with different liquidity providers, CFD trading such as Nikkei 225, DJIA, Gold, Oil, Bitcoin is also available.

Top-class Execution

Our high execution speed is supported by trading servers provided by Equinix, widely utilized by financial organizations around the world, and high-speed communication provider AWS.

Stable trading operation is executed due to our direct partnership with the interbank market.

Large amount trading from hedge fund or organizational investors will also be stably executed as well.

Multi-Language Customer Support Team

You may reach our customer support staffs by not only email, but also online real-time chatting, and support service is provided in multi-language of English, Chinese, and Japanese.

We will provide you the best customer support service, no matter you are a beginner or a fund manager.