About Negative Balance

Negative Balance Protection System

Standard Account

Pro Spread Account

Zero Cutting System Adopted
to control the loss

We offer negative balance protection for Standard accounts and Pro Spread accounts. Negative balance will be automatically reset to zero before your next deposit. However, the protection will be revoked if there is any irregular or suspected illegal trade pattern.

POINTWhat Is a Margin Call?

A margin call is the broker's demands that an investor deposits additional money when account balance goes minus, so that the negative balance is brought up to zero.

Zero cutting system is a method that BigBoss will pay additional margin to return the negative balance to zero.

Customers are able to enjoy trading since there is no further risk to pay additional margin.

POINTWhen Will Be Reset?

Generally, resetting will be carried out in 1~2 working days after negative balance happens.

Please contact the Customer Support Team if the balance remains negative after 3 working days.

Margin Call

More loss than the deposit
$5,000 loss
When $3,000 loss happens,
the total loss goes up to $5,000...

Negative Balance Protection

More loss than the deposit
$2,000 loss
Zero cutting system controls the loss
within the deposit amount.

AttentionAbout Illegal Trading

We consider followings as illegal trading.

  • Cross orders.
  • Tradings conduct during a time period when the market price fluctuates rapidly. (e.g. during the announcement of economic indicators).
  • Tradings with other unfair patterns.

Accounts will be forced to close and all tradings will be cancelled if there is any illegal trading activities.
BigBoss will not be responsible for any negative balances to above illegal trading activities.