Introducing broker (IB)

What are IBs (Introducing Brokers)?

Introducing Brokers (IBs) handle FX and other financial transactions orders for your clients.
In the basic IB system, you refer your clients to us and receive a commission from us whenever they trade.

Why customers need IB?

Your clients may need IBs as they may have limited experience in evaluating market trends or risk management.
Because of this, you can offer them a much-needed service, and earn commissions at the same time, which will be a‘triple-win’situation for your clients, you and us.

Lifetime commission (permanent remuneration)

The IB business is one of the most profitable businesses for affiliates; it can generate you an income of $1million+ from your clients’ trading activities.

After introducing your clients us, you will receive a commission whenever they trade or purchase goods/services with us. We would like to remind you that the amount of commission you receive depends on your clients’ volume of trading, but not the number of accounts they open or their account balance.

Income generation methods of IB business differ from the affiliate income system. In an affiliate system, income is generated if someone opens an FX trading account with a broker. The IB system, however, does not generate more income for you if your clients open multiple accounts. Instead, the biggest advantage of the IB business is that the more frequently your clients trade, the more commission you receive since the total trading volume will be larger (Remuneration system varies among companies).