Play Gacha with BigBoss Points! Play Gacha with BigBoss Points!

About What are BigBoss points? About What are BigBoss points?

BigBoss coint(BBP)

There is no upper limit for collecting BigBoss points (BBP). The more you trade, the more points you will earn.
No need for troublesome application!

Just start trading and points will be reflected on your account automatically.
You can win credits up to 5,000 dollars by using your BBPs in Gacha. Let’s collect BBPs now! 

play gacha with BBPs! play gacha with BBPs!

100% win rate chance to win credits up to $5000! 100% win rate chance to win credits up to $5000!

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*It takes 100 BBPs per Gacha.


  • Flexibility


    You can redeem BBP earned to cash at any time you like by ranking up your Loyalty Status (LS). Also, the destination account can be freely chosen.

  • Timeliness


    Transactions for the current day will be reflected as points the next day. The exchange of points to credit bonuses will be immediately reflected on your account and the credits can be used as margin for trading.

  • Multiple Tradable
    Currency Pairs

    Multiple Tradable Currency Pairs

    All transactions in the target accounts are eligible for BBPs, without restrictions in the types of currency pairs.

  • Fully Exchangable

    Fully Exchangable

    All transactions, even less than 1 Lot/day, are carried over and accumulated every day and can be used to earn points.

Gacha Game

・It takes 100 BBPs per Gacha.

・BBPs cannot be returned to your account once played.

・The contents of Gacha cannot be transferred to another account.

・The credits will be exchanged to JPY and reflected in your account if it is a JPY account.


At BigBoss, BigBossPoints (BBPs) will be distributed to users for each transaction.

Eligible accountsStandard accounts, Pro Spread accounts, MASS Standard accounts

Eligible accounts

Standard accounts, Pro Spread accounts,
MASS Standard accounts

Eligible stock symbolsAll stock symbols

Eligible stock symbols

All stock symbols
Account Type Stock Group Point(s) per lot
(MASS Standard)
FX Major/FX Minor/FX Exotic 16
Cryptocurrency CFD 2
CFD (Metal, Index, Energy) 2
Pro Spread FX Major/FX Minor/FX Exotic 6
Account Type Standard
(MASS Standard)
Stock Group FX Major/FX Minor/FX Exotic Cryptocurrency CFD CFD (Metal, Index, Energy)
Point(s) per lot 16 2 1
Account Type Pro Spread
Stock Group FX Major/FX Minor/FX Exotic
Point(s) per lot 6

Points (BBP) can be exchanged for cash that can be used for trading.

The number of points (BBPs) calculated depends on the account type and stock group with which you are trading.

Points (BBPs) are distributed once a day by totaling the transaction volume of the previous day.

The number after the decimal point of the total lot number is carried over to the next day's total.

The exchange rate of redeeming points (BBP) to cash is 1BBP = $0.013.

If there is no deposit or transaction for 42 days from the last transaction date, all points (BBPs) earned will be forfeited.

If your Loyalty Status(LS) is downgraded, all points(BBPs) you currently hold will be forfeited at that time.

If you have and use multiple accounts, points (BBPs) will be calculated based on the transaction volume for each account. Then, the amount of points will be shown by adding up each account's BBPs.

*BigBoss points will not be counted for transactions with a position holding time of less than 10 minutes in a target account.

*Please note that BigBoss Points (BBP) and its exchange are not applicable to the accounts using cash-back services.

*Encashment is available for Loyalty Status (LS): Expert or above. Click here for details>>BigBoss Loyalty Program (BLP)