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BigBoss Coin(BBC) is a token issued by BigBoss, a platform providing a range of services, with the forex platform being the flagship service.

Holders of BBC can enjoy a number of perks offered by BigBoss Group, including optimal conditions to margin trading, participation in Staking and IEO offered.
Additionally, plans include the relaxation of fees for cryptocurrency physical trading platforms, improved preferential treatment for affiliates when referring BigBoss, and enhanced participation privileges in game contents such as “Gacha”.


Liquidity / Funding

Token projects overflowing in the world tend to rely on investment from individual investors due to excessive publicity, and it becomes difficult to maintain investment enthusiasm after the boom.
However, BigBoss Group will spend 25% of its profit buying back BBC and burn them (remove from circulation) every quarter.

Use Cases

Rewards and Perks trading on BigBoss, and more to come. Utilities focused on BigBoss platform so can be coordinated and achieved with relatively low hurdle.

Ease of buying and selling

Buying, Selling, Deposits and Withdrawal on BigBoss's Spot Crypto trading Platform "CRYPTOS", which is intuitive and easy to use.


There is no such risk like limited support through tokens' telegram group, encountering scammers impersonating as support team. BigBoss official customer support team are always available if you encountered technical problem such as stuck transactions and general questions.

BBC Services


"CRYPTOS" is a cryptocurrency exchange platform produced by BigBoss, a provider of various financial services with a focus on FX since its establishment in 2013.
With the simple, yet highly functional and user-friendly system, you may enjoy the best trading experience ever around-the-clock.

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BBC Benefits

01 Credit Bonus Granted To Your Trading Accounts

Deposit reflected in only a few minutes after buying BBCs. Deposit reflected in only a few minutes after buying BBCs.

Get bonus trading credit by topping up or transferring BigBoss Coin to your MT4/MT5 trading account. The bonus gives you the advantage of having a higher balance for trading. With the credit bonus together with your own funds' balance, you can hold more positions or maintain a higher margin ratio.

To improve the superiority of trading

02 Maximize Your Assets

BigBoss Loyalty Program(BLP)

The BigBoss Loyalty Program(BLP) rewards our traders by elevating their Loyalty Status(LS) with each trade. As your status climbs, you can earn a greater number of BigBoss Points(BBP), enabling you to enjoy a range of benefits such as relaxed leverage limits and the option to convert BBP into cash.

Upgrading your status becomes a breeze with BBC!
Learn more about BLP≫

Staking Rewards

Earn interest simply by staking your BBC.

What's more?

*Priority to participate in our campaign
*More for IB leveling up
*Avoid account becoming dormant
and other benefits will also be available.

03 Up the Leverage

Users holding over a certain amount of BBC can hold or maintain a position using higher leverage.

This is currently planned as a benefit of holding BBC.

04 Priority To Join Game Contents


Bull Bear Market

This is currently planned as a benefit of holding BBC.


BigBoss Coin(BBC)



Total Supply:


Initial Circulating Supply:



Please refer to the BBC Whitepaper for more introductions.

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