Deluxe Account

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A new customizable account offering up to 2,222x leverage and 0% margin level, revolutionizing the world of trading.

【Maximum leverage 2222:1】

Provides unique leverage, allowing substantial trades with small capitals and increasing chances for large profits from minor market fluctuations.

【Lowering the Stop Out Margin Level to 0%】

Lowering the stop out margin level to 0% allows flexible risk management and maximizes fund utilization in trading.

【Further Upgrades Coming Soon】

The Deluxe Account will continue to evolve through various upgrades to meet your needs.

What is Deluxe Account?

A new account that revolutionizes the world of trading!

You can use items to enhance your Deluxe Account, increasing leverage up to 2,222x, and even setting stop out margin level to 0%. These items are available in the account shop for purchase with BBP or BBC. Furthermore, Deluxe account employs account-by-account Zero-Cutting System. Therefore, even if the Deluxe account has a negative balance, the negative balance will not be replenish from other accounts.

Deluxe Account Leverage

Correspondence table of variable leverage system and Account Balance
Account Currency Type Account Balance Leverage
USD, JPY $0~$10,000 2222:1(※Conditions apply)
$10,001~$19,999 1111:1
$20,000~$49,999 555:1
$50,000~$99,999 200:1
$100,000 and above 100:1

※For a limited time, 2,222x leverage (no conditions).
Post-period, items enable up to 2,222x leverage.
In Deluxe Accounts, maximum leverage is set based on each account's balance.

Applicability of Currency Pairs in variable leverage rules
Variable leverage system
Applicable Currency Pairs
Forex Major, Forex Minor, CFD Metal
Variable leverage system
NOT Applicable Currency Pairs
Forex Exotic, CFD Index, CFD Energy: fixed at 100x leverage (N225_JPY: fixed at 200x leverage)
Crypto CFD : fixed at 50x leverage

Deluxe Account Trading Conditions

Account Currency Type USD, JPY
Account Trade Model NDD STP
Trade Pairs Forex Major, Forex Minor, Forex Exotic, CFD, etc
Leverage Maximum 2222:1

※The leverage of Forex Exotic, CFD Index, CFD Energy is fixed as 100:1.
(N225_JPY is fixed as 200:1)
※The leverage of Crypto CFD is fixed as 50:1.
Trade Units
1Lot = 100,000 currency unit
  • GOLD_USD: 1Lot = 100 units
  • SILVER_USD: 1Lot = 5,000 units
  • N225_JPY: 1Lot = 1,000 units
  • NASDAQ_USD, SP500_USD, DOW30_USD, UK100_GBP, DAX40_EUR, HSI50_HKD: 1Lot = 10 units
  • OILUK_USD, OILWTI_USD: 1Lot = 1,000units
Minimum order size
※GOLD_USD, SILVER_USD. Crypto CFD: 0.01Lot
Commission 1 Lot one-way $2.5
*Crypto CFD will incur commissions for short-term settlements. Click HERE for the details.
Stop Out Conditions The stop out conditions below are only applicable for Deluxe accounts.
Stop Out will occur if either condition is met.

 1. If the margin level falls below 100%(Can be customized down to 0%)
In this case, the bonus credits in that account will be allotted for the negative balance replenishment.

 2. Unrealized losses exceeding the current account balance
In this case, the bonus credits in that account will be reset to zero.

When a Stop Out is triggered, all positions held will be forcibly closed on a per-account basis.
There is no margin call in Deluxe account, please be aware of the margin level.