guideline guideline

The Guidelines of BigBoss

Read the following guidelines carefully. You must agree before you can use the BigBoss service.

The Terms and Agreement of BigBoss

Anyone who can understand the language of the corresponding country, who can read and write, and who can promise to comply with the guidelines of BigBoss, can be able to use BigBoss service after agreeing to the usage agreement.

User fees

BigBoss does not claim any account opening fee.
However, if an account has not been used for 120 days and becomes an inactive user, a monthly account maintenance fee of $5.00 per month on all eligible accounts will be charged.

About the rules in Account Opening

BigBoss completes the account opening by merely entering the required information from the account opening form, and the account number is issued. Still, the required documents should be submitted and approved to start trading. Besides, the necessary documents associated with the account opening, a copy of the identification card (driver's license, passport, etc.), copy of address certificate (public fee receipts, billing, etc. certificate of credit card companies and mobile phone company). The address stated in the proof of address document and the address written in the account opening form must be the same. It is also assumed that the identification card and proof of address's date shall be within three months from the issue date. The account can not be opened by a third party on your behalf and must be done yourself.

It is possible to open an additional account(s) under the same email address, but it may be subject to investigation by our Compliance Department.
It is prohibited in general for the same person to use different email addresses to register multiple accounts.
In addition, regarding the bonuses we distribute in campaigns, each person is entitled to receive bonus once.
Please be aware that if it is found that you have registered accounts by using multiple email addresses and have received the bonus fraudulently,
you will be subject to supervision and an account freeze.

About KYC

BigBoss strictly adheres to the KYC system.

KYC is an acronym for "Know your Customer", a term used for the Customer identification process for account opening and other procedures.

In the same way as you open bank accounts or brokerage accounts, BigBoss abides by the law to formulate a KYC Policy. Whenever you open an account on our website, we will request your identification documents.

The purpose of the KYC Policy is to prevent BigBoss being used, intentionally or unintentionally by criminal elements for money laundering.

About the Rules of Deposits

From the AML (anti-money laundering) perspective, BigBoss does not accept any deposits from a third party. In the case of deposits, it can only be done from the same name as the trading account holder. Funds sent from the name of a third party will be remanded immediately without exception. Even if the transaction has already started and the profit has been confirmed, the refund will be limited to the principal received and the profit will be invalid. If the loss has been confirmed, the balance after deducting the loss will be the refund amount. When making a deposit, please be sure to use the same name as the trading account. Besides, for your deposit to be accepted, please only use Deposit methods designated by BigBoss. Log-in to My page, click the "deposit (Deposit)" from the menu, and choose the deposit method you wish. Please proceed to the necessary steps and, after checking the details, continue until the confirmation that shows you have completed the deposit application.

About the Rules of Withdrawals

From the AML (anti-money laundering) perspective, BigBoss does not accept any withdrawal from a third party. When requesting a withdrawal, we will accept the same name as the account holder. If you apply for withdrawal under a third party name, it will be rejected. In addition, to withdraw from BigBoss's trading account, we only accept the specified withdrawal methods. After logging in to My Page, click "Withdraw" from the menu on My page. Please select the withdrawal method you prefer. Please proceed to the completion of the withdrawal application after confirming the necessary steps and details on that. The application for withdrawal shall be made only to those who have submitted the documents accompanying the account's opening. Also, for those who made payment in credit card, if you apply for withdrawal without trading at all, due to the prevention of cashing credit card frame purposes and the like, we do not accept fund withdrawal requests that the funds are funded via credit card within 60days.

About Conservation

BigBoss has segregated management of the same amount of funds as our customer's operating funds.

About the Transaction Report

Please obtain the transaction report required for the final tax return from MT5/MT4 by yourself. Also, the items before the deadline that can be acquired with MT5/MT4 are archived and can be downloaded from My Page with CSV, but the columns and specifications are not necessarily the same as MT5/MT4. Please acknowledge it beforehand.

Transfer of rights and prohibition of commercial use

The user shall not transfer, rent, or lease the rights and obligations of the ID acquired from BigBoss following the provisions of this guideline to a third party. The user crosses the terms and conditions, and without permission from BigBoss shall not be used for commercial purposes.

Prohibition of lending the name of the account to a third party

From the KYC (Know your Customer) perspective, the user shall not transfer, rent, or lease the rights and obligations of the ID acquired from BigBoss following the provisions of this guideline to a third party.

Rules on the use of EA

Suppose the department in charge determines that our server's execution ability will be hindered, such as transactions that repeat ordering and cancellation, high-frequency trading (HFT), etc... In that case, the transaction may be temporarily suspended. Besides, if there is no improvement in EA's trading strategy, such as order frequency, we may take measures following Article 5 of the Client Agreement, so please refrain from extreme transactions.

Rules regarding Scalping

There are no strict restrictions on trading with the scalping method. However, if the department in charge determines that the frequency of orders from the customer's account will be enormous and will hinder our server's execution ability, or if it is said that it violates the high-frequency trading (HFT) that is the covered agreement. It may be treated by Article 5 of the Client Agreement.

Prohibition of Latency trading (Latency arbitrage)

Latency trading (latency arbitrage) is characterized by the fact that settlement is repeated in an abnormally short time slot, and as a result, it has been found that a large number of transactions occur, which greatly affects the transactions of other traders. We prohibit transactions that fall under latency trading (latency arbitrage). Any cases determined as interfering with our server's execution ability by the department in charge will be regarded as a violation of the high-frequency trading (HFT). Order transactions that we judge to be inappropriate in light of the transaction's fairness are prohibited, and we may take measures by Article 5 of the Client Agreement.

Prohibition of trading using hacking tools

Contrary to the terms of MetaQuotes, which provides Metatrader, if the use of a hacking tool is discovered or we determine, we will take measures in accordance with Article 5 of the Client Agreement.

Prohibition of access to multiple accounts with the same IP address

Suppose it is discovered or the company determines that transactions from multiple users and accounts are being performed from the same or similar IP address. In that case, it is determined that it violates the "prohibition of lending the account name to a third party". , We will take measures in accordance with Article 5 of the Client Agreement.

Other transactions that lack fairness at our discretion

The following actions and transactions are considered unfair transactions. We will take measures by Article 5 of the Client Agreement.

1.Cross orders with multiple accounts.
2.Tradings conduct during a period when the market price fluctuates rapidly. (e.g., during the announcement of economic indicators).
3.Tradings with other unfair patterns.

Prohibition of excessive risk trading using bonuses

BigBoss prohibits excessive risk trading that take advantage of the blind spots of our bonuses and negative balance protection rules due to the lack of fairness.
BigBoss takes action in accordance with Article 5 of the Client Agreement if such transactions are monitored.
The judgment on whether the transactions are fair or not is based on our monitoring team's experience and which may not be the same with your intention.
BigBoss assumes that you have agreed to the above-mentioned content by consenting to our Client Agreement and Guidelines upon opening your trading account. No inquiries will be processed after execution.

Prohibition of abuse of leverage rules on cross-multiple accounts

Due to unfairness, transactions conducted across multiple accounts for the purpose of avoiding the variable leverage system are prohibited.
We will be subject to crackdowns and account freezes, and take measures in accordance with Article 5 of the Terms of Use.

Rules for compliance with guidelines

You shall agree that you will not interfere with the businesses and services associated with BigBoss. You shall agree not to put a significantly high load on our server and not to engage in transactions that are considered malicious, targeting the blind spots of the services and systems provided.
In violation, all applicable transactions will be invalidated, the principal deposited by the customer (only the amount deducted if there is already a withdrawn amount) will be refunded, and then the corresponding account will be deleted. Please. In addition, the deleted account will not be restored forever. Even if you create a new account again, as soon as it is discovered, all transactions will be invalidated regardless of the trade content and the principal deposited by the customer (only the amount deducted if there is already a withdrawn amount). After refunding, we will delete the corresponding account(s).

Other important rules

The user is responsible for the confidentiality of the password and ID, and the user is responsible for all actions taken using the password and ID. In addition to these guidelines, BigBoss contains rules that you should follow when using it, so please comply with them. If you have any questions about the terms of use guidelines, please contact us before applying to open an account. When using Big Boss, users must comply with relevant laws, government ordinances, ministerial ordinances, ordinances rules, and orders.

Other user's information

Despite other purposes, the user assumes that you agree that you do not use the personal information of other users who are using BigBoss. Also, making a collection of personal data of other users by using BigBoss is prohibited. Besides, “personal information” here refers to the datas, including the name and mail address, like text, photographs, drawings, paintings, sound a user posts or transmitted.

Matters we want you to keep in mind in trading and disclaimer of BigBoss

BigBoss is not involved in any actual transactions. The financial commodity handled by BigBoss is Forex, foreign exchange trading that carries a high level of risk that may not be suitable for all investors. Leverage creates additional risk and loss exposure. Before you decide to trade foreign exchange, please carefully consider the investment objectives, the experience level, and risk tolerance. You may lose some or all of your initial investment. Therefore do not try to invest money that you can not afford to lose. Please consider carefully the risks associated with foreign exchange trading. When there is doubt, please seek advice from an independent financial or a tax advisor. BigBoss does not assume any responsibility for your trading, which shall be done in your own judgment and responsibility.

The way of thinking of User Information and Privacy Policy

BigBoss will comply with the separately determined Terms and Agreement and Privacy Policy.

Authority Elimination of BIgBoss

Although BigBoss cannot examine the contents before starting the provision of content, rejection, edit, move, we reserve the right to sole discretion to delete. Also, if there is an attempt at the following:

1. Infringe, violate the Terms of Use (including guidelines)
2. Violation of the spirit of the matter and the terms and conditions outlined in (including guidelines) by the user or by other users

BigBoss reserves the right to remove the corresponding ID or content immediately without having to notify the user. Besides, BigBoss reserves the right to possess the right to terminate the user's ID that has not been used over a specific time.

Relationship with BigBoss Terms of Use

Even if BigBoss stipulates terms of agreement, we will apply the portion related to the use of BigBoss. However, if a conflict occurs between this guideline and BigBoss terms of agreement conflict, this guideline will be applied to priority.

Absence of a contractual relationship

Between BigBoss and users, partnership, joint venture, franchise, agency, and contractual relationship, such as outsourcing, will never occur.


Notice to the user is done through e-mail, or each user's My page. Also, the general announcement about BigBoss, such as Terms of change, is done by displaying the link to that instruction in BigBoss.

Guidelines for Changing rights

When BigBoss judged that it is necessary, it shall be possible to change this guideline at any time. However, if we want to change the guidelines' important elements, we shall notify the user in advance.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction

On the relationship between the Terms of Use or guidelines and users and BigBoss, it is assumed to be interpreted based on our country's management law. It does not match the user's resident country law. However, in case we encounter any dispute between the user and the company. We aim to resolve conduct talks with both parties amicably, but if it is determined that the solution is complicated, depending on the amount of suit, it is agreed that the court of law of the country where the company operates will govern.

Waiver of Right

Even if BigBoss does not exercise or perform a right to be shown to the Terms of Service or guidelines, it does not give up the right. In addition, even if part of the Terms of Use or guidelines is held invalid, the other provisions of the Terms and Conditions are valid.

You shall agree that you need to report promptly to the Company if you notice a blind spot of providing services and systems. With regards to the confidentiality of the password and ID, it is assumed that the user is responsible for carrying out all the activities using the password and ID. In addition to the guidelines, there are rules that should be observed in the use of BigBoss described in appropriate places, please comply. The user, in the use of BigBoss, must comply with the rules and instructions, such as relevant laws, decrees and ministerial ordinance.