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Announcement of Changes on the Zero Cutting System Rules

Thank you for trading with BigBoss.


The Zero Cutting System Rules, which have been applied on an account-by-account basis, will be changed to a user-by-user basis this summer.
(Please check HERE for the current Zero Cutting System Rules. )
*We will announce the release date of the new Zero Cutting System Rules via newsletter and on our website as soon as possible.

▼Eligible AccountsStandard / Pro Spread / MASS Standard
*The current account-by-account Zero Cutting System will remain unchanged and apply on Premier accounts ONLY.
(If you have credits, credits will be allotted for the replenishment first.)


Automatic replenishment is performed daily at 11:00 and 23:00 (GMT+0).
The balance will be automatically replenished from other accounts with balance.
Please adjust the balance of your accounts before the replenishment.
*If there are open positions with unrealized profit, the zero-cut system is not applicable in which the negative balance can be reduced by closing the position .

▼Replenishment Rules

  • Funds allocated for replenishment are only from the balance of the eligible accounts listed above.
    *Funds allocated for replenishment are prioritized from the balance. When valid balance is no longer available, credit will be allotted.
  • If you have multiple accounts with valid balance (or credit),
    ①Account in the same currency as the account to be replenished will be prioritized for replenishment.
    ②Account with the highest balance will be prioritized for replenishment.
    ③When all balances are exhausted, account with the highest credit will be prioritized for replenishment.
  • If there are more than one account with the “same amount” of valid balance (or credit), the account with the oldest opening date will be prioritized for replenishment.
    *Even if there are open positions in the account, it will also be allocated for replenishment.
  • If there is more than one account with a negative balance, the accounts with the largest negative amount will be subject to replenishment first.
  • If an account balance remains negative after all positive account balances have been used, and if only one account is held, a zero-cut will be executed and we will bear the cost of the cut.
E.g.: If you hold 4 accounts, Account A = Minus JPY 2,000,000 (Credit JPY 20,000)
Account B = Plus JPY 300,000 (Credit JPY 50,000)
Account C = Plus JPY 150,000 (Credit JPY 100,000)
Account D = Plus USD 10,000 (No Credit) *for USDJPY: 135

The replenishment of Account A with minus JPY 2,000,000 will be performed in the following order:

①Balance of JPY 300,000 in Account B will be used
②Balance of JPY 150,000 in Account C will be used
③Balance of USD 10,000 (JPY 1,350,000) in Account D will be used
④Credit of JPY 100,000 in Account C will be used
⑤Credit of JPY 50,000 in Account B will be used
⑤Credit of JPY 20,000 in Account A will be used
⑦The remaining negative balance of JPY 30,000 will be zero-cut


  • If any of your Standard / Pro Spread / MASS Standard / CRYPTOS (all currency) accounts has a negative balance, you will not be able to withdraw from other accounts with balance.
    *Withdrawals from CRYPTOS accounts are also not allowed.
  • Even if the replenishment will lead to a stop loss in the account with open positions, the replenishment will also be performed. Please be sure to manage the funds in your account carefully.
    *We assume no responsibility for any stop loss caused by the replenishment.

Recently, there has been an increasing number of traders who trade with excessive risk by taking advantage of the blind spots in the bonus and Zero Cutting System that we offer. In order to ensure that we can continue to provide our customers with a fair and secure trading service, we have decided to change the Zero Cutting System rule.

We appreciate your cooperation and understanding for the changes on the Zero Cutting System rules.
Please check the new rules carefully.

If you have any inquiries, please contact our Customer Support Team.

Thank you for your support.