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Real-time Game Watching Is Over

The real-time game watching has finished and thanks for your support.
The result of the match will be announced on 10 Sep. on our website, so don’t miss it!

The dream big match has started!
An FX trade battle by Bob Sapp VS Sina Karimian is going on.
From now on you may log in to their accounts of Karimian and Bob with their investor password to check what kind of trading they are doing in real time!
(* Login is for viewing only)

Battle Period: August 30, 2021 (Monday) Market opening-September 3 (Friday) Market closing
Click HERE for details on FX Trade Battle.


How To Watch The Game

1.Download and install MT4

You need to log in to MT4 to watch the trade battle.
If you haven’t installed MT4 yet, download MT4 from HERE for free!

* Web version of MT4 is also available. Please click HERE to log in.

2.Log into the two accounts on MT4 and watch the game in real-time!

After installing MT4, just log in to the two MT4 accounts and enjoy the real-time trade battle between Bob Sapp and Sina Karimian.

Bob Sapp Sina Karimian
MT4 Account Numbers 1207522 1207521
Investor Passoword mci3fir qlwz5ls
Server BIGSolutions-DEMO2 BIGSolutions-DEMO2

Tutorial Videos

If you have any questions about MT4 installation or login, please feel free to contact customer support.

Period for Battle Bonus Aggregation on Trading Lot

Lots of the closed transactions from July 19th (Monday) to September 3rd(Friday), 2021 are eligible.

About FX trade battle result announcement and battle bonus grant

Announced on our website on September 10, 2021 (Friday).
A battle bonus will be distributed to the eligible account(s) of users who wins.