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New Release: BigBoss Points(BBP)

Thanks for choosing BigBoss.

BigBoss is pleased to announce the release of the new service
BigBoss Points (BBP)in order to provide more satisfying services to our customers.


What is BigBoss Point?

There is no limit for collecting the number of BigBoss points (BBPs)!
No complicated application is required, the points are automatically calculated just by starting a trade. The more you trade, the more you will earn.

The accumulated points can be converted into on My Page at any time as you like to credit bonuses, which can be used for trading as valid margin.

In the future, BBPs will be possible to convert to other special services besides credit bonuses, which is a very flexible system for customers.

What’s the difference between the previous Trading Bonus and BBPs?

For the previous service,
・user could not choose which account to distribute a credit bonus
・credit bonus distribution was once a week
・eligible trading symbols were limited.

But our new BBP program is that
・you can freely select the account to which the credit bonus will be given,
・you can choose when to exchange your BBPs to credit bonuses, which will be reflected immediately,
・and all transactions of all symbols in the target account are eligible for earning points.

As you can see, BBP is definitely a huge upgrade from the previous service.

BBP has the following features:

Why BigBoss Points

Flexibility You can exchange the accumulated points from MyPage to a credit bonus at any time you like. You can freely select the account to which you want to put the bonus.
It is a highly flexible system that will be possible to convert to other services than credit bonuses in the future.
Timeliness Transactions for the current day will be reflected as points the next day.The exchange of points to credit bonuses will be immediately reflected on your account and the credits can be used as margin for trading.
Multiple Tradable Currency Pairs All transactions in the target accounts are eligible for BBPs, without restrictions in the types of currency pairs.
Fully Exchangable All transactions, even less than 1 Lot/day, are carried over and accumulated every day and can be used to earn points.

For more information on BigBoss points (BBP), please go to“About BigBoss points”
To exchange a credit bonus, please check the details on the “BBP Exchange” page after logging in to My Page.

* Please note that BigBoss Points (BBP) and its exchange are not applicable to the accounts using cash-back services.

If you have any questions, please contact our support team.
Hope you enjoy trading on BigBoss.