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Does the vaccine bring changes to the market?

The market has been changed due to the joint production of the Pfizer, and Biontech’s vaccine is hitting 90% effectiveness.
USD/JPY is going up 2 Japanese Yen from 103.19 to 105.65, so as the Dow Jones and Japan Nikkei, their stock price is also rising.

Euro failed to keep at 1.19 and have a slight depreciation and also affect the gold price.

The change is definite but how it is being affected is still an unknown.

It is believed that it brings positive effects to the stock market and shifts the fund’s growth and value.

If so, the high price of the HI-TECH stock will collapse. Couldn’t tell if it is suitable for the US dollar.

Meanwhile, the deadline for the BREXIT is approaching.

The good news is coming soon.